Benefits to Mediation


Family Mediation is about you and your partner working with a trained mediator to help you wade through your differences and lesson the cost of your divorce, or not return to court. 

Areas where Family Mediation can help

* Child arrangements

    custody, visitation, schools,          vacations, clothing, and toys. 

* Personnel Property

* Finances, who gets what sofa, bed, who pays what bill.

When you are in court, the judge decides for you. Why not come to mediation and decide together. 

Mediation helps you stay in control and work cooperatively instead of against each other. 

Family Time

Payment Policy

What is the process of Mediation

Low cost High success rate

Mediation Policy

Call or Email the office

When you call into our office you  will talk with me, Tamra Rigdon your mediator.

Working with TLR Inspirations inc.

Once you decide to proceed to mediation, I will contact the family members participating in your mediation session. Each of you will receive a brief questionnaire to help me get to know you in advance of the season. 
Be thinking about:
* What do you want from your        family member
* What would "success" in the         process look like?
*What are YOU willing to give to    achieve that success?

Step three: Session

This session is simply a supported conversation. My role as mediator is to act as a neutral facilitator who helps each participant be heard. Mediation is not counseling. My role as mediator is to keep the conversation respectful and focused on the future, so that you can come to an agreement.

Some steps we follow

1. Guidelines - We will review and sign the mediation agreement which discuss what each of you need in order to feel comfortable in the process: Respectful language, time constraints, compromise, listening skills.  

2. Introductions - You will each have an opportunity to share what is important to you and how you see the situation unfolding. 

3. Agenda - We will create a list of all the things that you would like to make sure we discuss. 

4. Conversation and Negotiation - You will identify which item you would like to start with and we will work together on each of the items to see an agreement. 

5. Recording - We write down any agreements that you would like to record and, if you are ready, you will sign and each take a copy with you. You may then turn them over to your attorneys or file with the courts if you are at that point of your process.  

4. Follow Up - We deter min next steps and a timeline for follow up if needed. 

We are here to help

TLR Inspirations INC

Whether you need mediation for divorce, family issues, company conflict or employee education we are here to help. 

For more information call 765 393-2283 or email

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