Supervised Access Payment Policy

1. Access fees are at a fixed rate of $90 for up to a two-hour visit with an intake fee of $60 per parent (when required). More than two hours is an additional $50 per hour. Unless specific fee arrangements are noted in the court order the visiting parent will be responsible for all visit fees. Each party is responsible for their own intake fee.

2. All fees (including any amounts ordered by the courts) are payable in advance of the scheduled visit. Payment for a visit is due prior to the start of the visit. All payments must be made on the website. We do not accept cash, checks or money orders.


3. If a visit does not take place and is cancelled before 5:00 p.m. the day before the visit, the party responsible for the cancellation is charged $45 to cover administrative costs. Reduced rates and money paid by the courts do not apply. All cancellation and changes must be made with a person, no emails or text messages are accepted. DO NOT leave a voice mail for a cancellation.


4. If a visit does not take place and is cancelled after 5:00 p.m. on the day before the visit or on the day of the visit, the party responsible for the cancellation is charged the full price of the visit, $90. Reduced rates and money paid by the courts do not apply.


5. The only exception to numbers 3 and 4 would be verification from a doctor that a child or visiting parent was too ill to attend or documentation of other circumstances which made it impossible for the party to attend the visit. Custodial parent must make every effort to get the child to the visit. The director has sole discretion as to whether the reason for not attending is valid.


6. To ensure payment of missed visits, TLR Inspirations requires a $45 deposit payable before the first visit. At the end of your association with our agency, this money is refunded, provided no money is owed.


7. A missed visit fee will be assessed if parties do not advise us by email from the email account on file that our services are no longer necessary.


8. Non-payments will result in a disruption of the visitation.

9. TLR Inspirations accepts, credit/debit cards over the TLR invoicing to your email. Cash in correct currency provided to the office the day prior by 3:00 PM will be acceptable. Facilitators do not have the ability to make change for client fees. NSF fees will apply to all returned and stopped payment with any additional fees that are acquired.


10. If there are multiple children visiting, a visit is not cancelled because one child is not able to attend. It is expected the other children will be at the visit. Additional fees for more children. 1 child $90.00 up to 2 hours, 2 children $125.00 for up to 1.5 hrs, 3 children there must be an additional staff on site to assist in the supervision. 3 Children 195.00 per hour.


11. Inability by the custodial parent to transport the children is not a valid reason to cancel a visit. Anyone can transport the children to a visit.


12. Any person who sends process server or police to our facility will be charged a $50 fee.


13. TLR Inspirations has the right to assess additional fees for excessive administrative services.


14. Requests for copies of our files must be in the form of a subpoena. Copies will be provided to both parties. There is a charge of $1.00 per page and $25/hour. Payment is due at the time the copies are requested.


15. Any facilitator called to testify shall be paid for their time preparing, traveling to, waiting for and testifying in court at the rate of $125.00/hour and a half, with a minimum of 3 hours. Reduced rates do not apply. The party issuing the subpoena, or their attorney, is responsible for these fees. A retainer of $300 is due 1 week prior to the court hearing. Any remainder of the retainer will be applied to next visit, or used during the court hearing and additional time will be billed at the end of that court date.