I have made GREAT progress t

Well, what a last few long weeks and almost a month. The fear that the coronavirus has set in on America is overwhelming. We the fear from the shutdown (or postponement) of school, many businesses and the check points to get into see a doctor has put a toll on our mental well-being.

Prior to writing this new post, I decided to check out my last post. Boy, it has been just about a year since I posted. I never realized that so much time had passed. I have come a long way from that post. I have mini notes from while we lived at Waltar Reed, I was not one that wrote in a journal every day, I always said I will write it down, but I would get busy with life and forget. So, I decided that I would start this blog. I would just let it develop as it may.

Since my last post many things have taken place. As a therapist for years I would say, I don't need therapy "I got this". That attitude did not go to well, and I continued to spiral downhill with depression and anxiety. We were falling farther behind in normal bills, I needed to go back to work at least part-time with a loss of where to being. The VA reached out to me with a parent research trial program that would help us caregivers of our children to find our way, obtain more resources and get back on track with our life.

With this wonderful research program, I was able to chat with a team member weekly, biweekly and then monthly over the course of about 8 months. This opened up new and repaved paths I was struggling at approaching. With the completion of my time in the program I was able to apply for a part-time job as a therapist and return to work, become more stable within my own life without the up and down roller-coaster of emotions, and make more sound decisions.

The point of this blog is that we all can obtain help from talking with a therapist. I love working, I love relaxing at home and spending time with my family. This was not a possibility in the past.

I am going to start a you-tube channel with different podcasts on it to help each of us out with daily concerns, hurdles and frustrations. I would love your input on what topics you want to talk about, the more likes the more I can post, have chat open and start a webinar for us to meet in. So, let’s get going and help us all rise up to a better us.

Send me a email on your suggestions of topics. I can't wait to see them