The problem:

Children are often caught in the middle of complicated family dynamics like divorce, domestic violence, or substance abuse.

The Issue

Adult's have problems; divorce, domestic violence, and substance abuse Many times adults don't mean to involve their children, but it just happens. 

After all, it’s for kids to be care-free when surrounded by fear, anger, stress, or neglect. When our children start to carry adults problems they have a hard time making sense of what a kids life should look like. 

We know that adulthood has its being an adult comes with challenges, however, childhood shouldn’t. Our children need both their parents, even when the parents don't get along. 


Children have the right to feel safe and valued, free from harm in mind, body, and spirit.

Children have the right to be hopeful and resilient, deserving of our community’s commitment to families protection, and their healthy, safe and growth.

Children have the right to grow up knowing and having meaningful relationships with both parents.

Visitation and Parent coordination


Visitation in your home, park, library, approved family members home. 


$90.00 first hour

$45.00 each addition hour. 

Group visit purchases available 


Parent Coordination Fees

`   *Fees shared by both parents

    *Retainer fees collected for            both parties. 

    *Parent Coordinator reports to        and takes directions from the         Court system only. 


During visits Supervisor of visit will;

*Record drop off and pick up

*Take pictures of visit if supported

*Take notes of communication and behaviors of the child and both parties. 

*Report behaviors harmful to the child(ren).


Supervision is by direction of the courts. 

Both parents are required to view our policy on this website. 

NO Communication via text, unless its short. (running 10 min. late, can you call me please) Staff will not respond via text, and will call the client as soon as available. 


Fees must be paid 24 hrs prior to visits for all services. 


Other policys available upon requist. 

Subject to change without notice. 

$39.00 fee for all returned payments

Late fee if payments not paid on time according to our policy. 

TLR Inspirations purpose is to allow the parent and child to visit in a safe environment. TLR will help guide parents to successful create a positive Parent child relationship.

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